Monday, March 7, 2011

Unlikely Disciple

I am attending a Pastor and Leaders Conference at Calvary Chapel Tucson over the next few days. I am not a pastor or leader but I do see myself as being a beginner minister/evangelist.

Any true believer in Jesus Christ as their LORD and Saviour is called to be a witness. And by witness I mean share the Gospel which is the good news of redemption and reconcilliation with God through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for me. Anyone who believes in Jesus is able to make that testimony based on what happened to them personally. I fear many don't for the same reason I sometimes keep my mouth shut when the Word of God burns inside me and I let it be quelched out of fear or possible ridicule by the people around me.

Our world is in chaos. It is fallen and the world is full of lost people who buy into the world's lies of a better everything just at our fingertips. The world is shallow, conceited, self-centered, mean, oppressive and dying.

God's love is what saves me. His love for His people is what keeps me from perishing in my own destructive distractions. His loving forgiving hands hold me when I am lost and alone. I only have to look to His Words to find the guidance and direction I need. If I put my hope in anything other than His Love I am once again doomed. How many times do I need to learn this lesson? How many times do I have to return to the same conclusion before I make a better decision next time? I can almost laugh at the absurdity that anything this world has to offer can satisfy my restless soul. But not quite.

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  1. Well said Bro, It was a great leadership conference and Satans attacks are already beginning. God, we are ready to see you do great and wonderous things. By your will, send us!