Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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A dear dear friend of mine died yesterday. I didn't even know she had been ill. I have no real details yet but I am sad and I am remorseful. This was a kind loving friend who had an indomitable spirit who overcame the loss of her father in an airline crash as a young nurse who traveled around the world for years caring for victims of the tsunami and earthquakes. We lost touch and it has been somewhere around four years since we had spoken.

Sadness for the cold fact that now there are only going to be the memories of her laugh, her raspy voice, the brightness of her presence. There will never be another conversation. She will never encourage me again, nor I her. There have been no tears and there may never be but the sorrow is like a warm blanket I wear draped over my shoulders. Not too heavy but enough to remind me it is always there.

Remorse for letting us slip out of touch. Both of us busy with the needs of the lives we had built for ourselves. Never having shared the unexpected turn my life has taken. Never having shared with her the Truth that found me and changed me and cleansed me. Truth that may have set her free.

My hope is that in her travels touching and helping the suffering in the world that someone somewhere shared the Truth with her. I may not know until I am in the presence of the LORD; I may never know.

I loved you Sasha Poll. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and hug you tightly and tell you that. God forgive me.

(more Unlikely Disciple tomorrow)

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